The foundation of the SFF

After Suzanne’s tragic death on May 22nd 2006, Rich Ambler, Suzanne’s manager and Head of Cactus Language Institute in Brighton UK, founded the Suzanne Furstner Foundation (SFF) on Friday October 20th 2006.

The objective of the Foundation is twofold.

Firstly, an annual competition will be held. The participants will be given a subject on which they must submit either an essay or a video presentation. The subject of the competition will be linked to the desire to become a TEFL Teacher somewhere in the world. The winner of the competition will be given the opportunity to follow a TEFL course in a language school in Europe or in Middle or Latin America. He, or she, will be also invited to keep a ‘blog’ of their experiences throughout the course.

Secondly, SFF would like to support educational and schooling projects, mainly in Latin and Central America. SFF has undertaken these kind of projects once in England and again in the Netherlands in 2017 when SFF donated to Niños de Guatemala. See ‘Our Projects‘.

Who founded the Foundation?

The Foundation is proud of its Ambassadors

Rich Ambler, the founder of the Foundation

Rich Ambler, Suzanne’s former manager and original founder of the SFF. Speaker of Spanish and Portuguese, he moved some years ago from Brighton to New York to manage a very successful language school – The Brooklyn School of Languages. This school specialises in the provision of English language courses and it was recently awarded ‘Best School of the Year’ in 2016.

Cristian Barnes, Suzanne former partner

Cris Barnes

Cris Barnes, Suzanne’s former fiancé. He speaks Spanish fluently and travelled extensively with Suzanne, not least of all to Guatemala, where Suzanne became deeply inspired by the poverty and lack of opportunity available to helpless children living in the slums. She made a promise to herself and to those children to create chances and opportunities for them, like those she had had herself.

Bram Furstner, youngest brother of Suzanne Furstner

Bram Furstner

Suzanne’s younger brother. Thinks Suzanne is the funniest sister ever, and the sweetest. Loves Su a lot and admires her ability to admire others. Bram is now an attorney at law in Amsterdam.

Livia van der Graaf

Livia Van Der Graaf

Livia van der Graaf, Suzanne’s friend since primary school. Just like Suzanne she studied Spanish and now manages her own Foundation called ‘Cada Vida Cuenta’ (‘Every Life Counts’). She has a lot of interest and experience with educational projects in the Latin American world.

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