Becoming A TEFL Teacher

In this short essay I will explain my wishes to teach abroad and why my passion
is to teach English as a foreign language.

My Gratitude

First, I want to express my gratitude for explaining the history of Suzanne
Furstner. Her story has touched my heart tremendously and gave me hope for my
dreams and passion for what I dream to come true. I am touched by the courageous
and selfless deeds she has brought upon this world and for her story to live on through
this program; what a beautiful thing. More so, I am sad to hear about the loss of
Suzanne; my heart goes out to her friends and family. At the same time, I thank her for
being an inspiration to those with the same hope and passion. You are a beautiful soul.
Your story melts my heart. Rest in Paradise.

Why I would love to become a TEFL student

To start, I will tell you a little about myself and why I am extremely interested in
teaching English abroad and more specifically learning in Malaga, Spain. I come from a
Canadian family and have been around the Spanish culture my whole life. My Dad
married a Spanish lady and my Mom married a Spanish man. I have grown up being
completely in love with the Spanish way of life and the beautiful culture they bring forth.
I recently went to Malaga, Spain where the Love of my life (Juan) lives. I have never felt
so alive and at home being in Malaga. It was like the saying “I once was lost, but now
I’m found”. Juan does not speak English and nor do I speak Spanish so every day we
speak through translator and try our best to learn one another’s language. This is not
easy. I am inspired by the art of learning a new language and teaching as much as I
can. I have always dreamed of teaching and in the last few years I have searched – how
to teach English abroad? – numerous times. I am inspired to travel and learn new
cultures. Words cannot explain how excited I am to receive this email saying that I could
apply for a scholarship to this program that I have searched into numerous times.
I am currently finishing at the University of Applied Science as an exchange
student. I Finish in June 2018. My plan has been to see Belgium, Germany, France, and
then to Malaga to stay until my trip home. My favorite place in this world is Malaga and
that is why I have continuously searched for opportunities to teach my native language.
First, I need to learn how. Furthermore, I have a residence permit in the EUA territory
therefore I can live and travel the EUI during the course timeline (until Oct 2018). My
passion is to help others and I know from my step-family, my love and new friends that it
can be difficult and frustrating at times. I have high patience and try to teach the best I
know how to, but I feel I need to learn techniques for the best results for those I teach. I
want to further my Education (Double Major – Business Administration) as an English
teacher and help people around the globe. More so, I met Juan, the love of my life over
a year ago on social media when planning my trip. We have not spent one day apart
from the phone and continue to travel to see one another and do what we can to one
day be able to talk normally. I see his struggle and it breaks my heart because I cannot
yet have a real conversation. That is one thing many don’t understand and may take for
granted. I take pride in the journey of learning. Watching students grow in the language because of my help would be the biggest gift I could adhere. On the other hand, I
believe in everything happens for a reason and when I saw your email it completely
caught my eye and the story of Suzanne Furstner inspires me to chase my dreams. I
am now studying at the University of Applied Science in the Netherlands for 6 months
and I am finished in June 2018. I love to learn and am dedicated to my studies. I would
take full pride and give my full attention to this fortuity scholarship and learning how to
teach English.

My passion for travel and language

About the day I realized I want to travel and learn new cultures and language:
A few years ago, after trying to conceive with the man I was previously with for
many years, I was told by doctors that I could not have kids naturally. It took a toll on my
relationship as my boyfriend at the time really wanted a family. We broke up. I could not
blame him as most people do want a family for their future. I came to a conscious
decision that I will no longer let it be the loss of not being able to have children but a
gain of following a passion and dream I have had almost daily.
This dream is to travel and see the world and learn new languages and cultures.
Most people where I am from cannot do such due to family and children. I came to the
realization that that isn’t my destiny and I am going to do things that I could not do if I
was pregnant and with children and a family. This was when I decided to take the last
year of my University in Europe. I have been fascinated to see Europe and learn and
live a new life abroad. I feel like my dreams have started to come true.
With this program I could have a better understanding of teaching the language
and have better success for others to learn from me. I dream to teach kids less
fortunate. Those who cannot take the lessons in school or tutor who are having
difficulties. I dream about teaching in Malaga or other parts of the world. Now that I have
accepted my fate, I realized why. Really my passion is to not sit in one place in this
world, but to grow in education of the actual real world at first hand. Not from a book or
an article, but from real life experiences.

Teaching and Studying Abroad

Studying abroad has been a tremendous interest to me since I have learned
about the opportunity. There are many reasons why I would love to learn and teach
English abroad. The first benefit I will receive from this venture is learning in a new
cultural setting in which will broaden my understanding of globalization and language. I
have a huge interest in working and traveling for my future. In reference, this gives me
an educational opportunity and experience in doing so. With this TEFL program, I will
strengthen my perspectives and abilities to gain education and experience in a greater
sense of diversity.
Spain has always been intriguing to me for travel destinations and business
opportunities. This opportunity will make my educational experience more fascinating
and produce a greater inspiration towards my academic goals. In addition to cultural
interests and diversity, I am devoted to learning new languages and at the same time teaching my native language (English). In encompassing a new culture and language, I
will indulge and take advantage of the opportunity in broadening my communication
skills and expression with new academic training.
Traveling and school is exciting to me for the new life, new way of learning, new
adventures, new activities, new language, new food, new environment, and altogether a
new experience. This adds a positive experience to my educational endeavor.
Furthermore, meeting new people and new friends from a different aspect of life is a
supplementary benefit I would be grateful for. This is a once in a life time opportunity for
me and I have great curiosity and excitement towards this educational fortuity.

Thank You Suzanne FurstnerFoundation

I thank you greatly for this opportunity. I appreciate and I am moved by the gracious
good deeds that Suzanne has accomplished in her life. It has opened my eyes that
dreams do come true and to just go for what you believe in – Follow your heart. Help
others and always be good to those around you – Make a difference.

From my heart to yours,
Melanie Deering
English Native
Alberta, Canada

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