The SFF was founded in memory of Suzanne Furstner, who in the summer of 2006 passed away in a tragic road accident. Up until this moment she had worked for ‘Cactus Language Institute’ where she headed up the ‘Cactus TEFL’ department (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). Through her great dedication, enthusiasm and skill the department grew into a successful enterprise.

Her exceptional talent for languages had led her to choose to study ‘Languages and Cultures of Latin America’ in Leiden, Netherlands. Whilst travelling with her fiancé Cris through Central America, she was deeply struck by the poverty of the underprivileged children there and set forth a commitment to ensuring their access to good education.

The SFF aims to follow and support Suzanne’s passion and spirit by supporting and promoting language projects such as TEFL, as well as supporting educational projects aimed at children in Latin and Central America.

Since its foundation in 2006, the foundation has provided annual scholarships to the winners of it’s annual competition. This year the SFF will again offer students the opportunity to win the ‘Suzanne Furstner Scholarship’ and follow a TEFL course. In order to do this, the SFF co-operates with prominent languages schools.

For it’s educational projects the SFF co-operates with the Foundation ‘Cada Vida Cuenta’ (‘Each Life Counts’).

In order to function the Foundation possesses a small starting capital and is furthermore dependent on sponsorship and donations.


Like in 2019 our Foundation has donated to Rincon de Malala (Malala’s Corner) in Lima, for their children’s library. This year the contribution has been partially used for food packages to battle the effects of the Corona virus for Peruvian families.

Our recent gift to the Foundation Straatkinderen Medellin is now largely spent on chairs with attached writing surfaces. The chairs were manufactured by a local carpenter and just during the English lessons, so the children could help to unpack them. Sabine Bouwmeester who is teaching English is now going to buy new English textbooks for them.

On November 2 Antoinette went to Berlin to accept LEAD 5050’s prize for BEST CHARITABLE ENDEAVOUR 2019. Many, many thanks to LEAD 5050 and to everyone who is donating to SFF. We hope to be able to continue our work and keep supporting many educational projects in Central and Middle America.


Congratulations Petra Emmel on winning the SFF-Scholarship 2019! Read her essay en more on CONTEST 2019.


In december 2018 the SFF has donated learning materials to children at Patzalam Choacaman IV, a school in Guatemala, in collaboration with School the World. Read more at Projects.


The winner of the Suzanne Furstner Scholarship 2018, Melanie Deering, has finished her TEFL cursus in Malaga successfully. Read her blog at TEFL in Spain.

Congratulations on behalf of the SFF en your personal message to us was heart warming!

Melanie’s winning essay can be read here.

Our project
At the end of 2017, the SFF made a donation to the ‘Niños de Guatemala’ (NDG), an organisation founded in 2006. Read more about it at Projects.

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