Thank You, Suzanne Foundation, and TEFL Malaga

I want to give a huge Thank-You to the Suzanne Furstner Foundation for this experience. Although I have stressed the four-week course is a lot of work, it was extremely helpful and worth it. I have learned everything that I need to know to be comfortable in a teaching setting. I have not only grown my skills and abilities to help non-English students learn English. I have accomplished a dream and a goal I didn’t foresee coming true so quickly. More so, I have made some forever friends and amazing memories. Thank you, Suzanne Furstner Foundation, from the bottom of my heart, for making my dreams come true and more. This has been an unforgettable experience. In loving memory of Suzanne, I want to “pay it forward” by offering free tutoring/guidance to Spanish students that need extra help while learning English [for more information e-mail us at SFF or send a message to Melanie at her Facebook].

I also wanted to give credit to the teachers and the TEFL organization for their ability to produce an amazing course. Thank you to Megan, Vanna, Esme & Randy for all your hard work to get us to the finish line and Graduation Day. They were very busy but always showed up with a smile on their face and great attitudes throughout the course. Esme is a huge help with her motivational attitude we were able to strive through to the end. Megan, Vanna and Andy are very knowledgeable and provided feedback that we needed to grow and finish the course. Last but not least, I thank Paul for his great hospitality.

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